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Carpets Manufacturers in India, Carpets Exporter & Importer in India, Carpets Suppliers in India, Carpets in India, Get Best Crafted Carpets at Best Price in India. Global Floor Furnishers, an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified company, a unit of surekas group, are Indian manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of the following kinds of Rugs and Carpets :

1. Hand- Tufted Carpets, rugs & mats
2. Hand-knotted Carpets, rugs & mats
3. Hand-woven rugs & carpets - Flat woven, Shaggy, Kelims, Patch, Schmucks, and other kinds

Our Mission
At Global Floor Furnishers
Is Provides High-quality custom rugs with on-trend designs with honesty, pride, and originality. We believe in flooring each and every part of the Globe and setting high standards and dedication in order to find a way to say yes. We are a privately owned business that manufactures Luxury rugs and carpets in designs provided by clients. In 2001, began with a vision of a company that would thrive on the values of hard work, fairness, and integrity. This initiative and passion for making each rug one of the best as a masterpiece is visible to this day and is at the very heart of our company.

For All Budgets Global Floor Furnishers is a "Good/Better/Best" Rugs & Carpets manufacturer. Our products are well positioned to provide quality products at a great value. We use high-quality raw materials so that the rug comes at its best.

Rugs made by Global Floor Furnishers are sold directly from our factory Worldwide.

Our Team
With hand-tufting guns our production capacity starts with 1,20,000 sq meters of hand-tufted, we have additional capacity for handwoven 2,60,000 sq meters and hand-knotted 50,000 sq meters. With this full capacity, we are fulfilling all the needs of the rugs and carpets, demanded by our clients. We undertake from single carpet orders to any quantity.

With the highly skilled employee strength, we have all the areas of production covered by them. This helps in maintaining high quality & on-time delivery.

Our rugs and carpets can be used for residential, and commercial purposes, These carpets on demand can be done moth proof, anti-static, anti-flammability, anti-stain finish, or such other requisite by our clients. With rich colors and innovative designs, the rugs can be made in cut piles, loop-cut piles, or any other textures as desired.

Having hand-dyeing for custom carpets and machine dyeing for big orders the colors as per the demand is perfect, in view of color fastness, light fastness, and Rubbing fastness(dry & wet).

• Using water, energy, and transportation efficiently
• Establishing and monitoring annual environmental goals

Giving Back
To Our Community
Building A Better Future For Our Community Global Floor Furnishers believes in the values of hard work, fairness, service, and integrity. We value giving back to our community. The man behind this was Mr.Bimal Kumar Sureka, who has made a practice to allocate funds of 5% of the profit for social obligation. As a social obligation, we contribute 5% of our net profit for various charitable purposes, towards basic education and literacy, Old age charity, maternal and child health, and environmental protection. We are also a member of Rotary International to contribute what we get from society.

It's because of the good intention we have very good clients who are very good human beings and we have trust in ourselves. We thank you for your continued support, all of your hard work, and your dedication to helping make this possible.

The purpose of these approval features ensures reliable and outstanding performance, to meet and fulfill the requirements of the client. We FURNISH THE FLOORS OF GLOBE, that's why we are GLOBAL FLOOR FURNISHERS